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Donors like you united together to provide the best experience possible for our students, for our faculty, and for our entire Northeastern community.


Donors like you united together to provide the best experience possible for our students, for our faculty, and for our entire Northeastern community.



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Read John and Priscilla's Story

John and Priscilla Promise – ALGC Donors

Northeastern was life-changing for John Promise, E’69, and Priscilla Power Promise, Ed’69. They met in 1967, when they both were leaders in the Student Union, the university’s primary student and community service organization. 

Co-op presented the importance of fulfilling work for John, who spent more than three decades as an environmental planning director for the North Central Texas Council of Governments. In retirement, John remains active on a park board, and is a popular guest presenter for local university courses. As for Priscilla, her teaching career led to leadership in elementary science education, and among her many honors was a Christa McAuliffe Fellowship. Also retired, she leads her church in active sponsorship of a local elementary school, and volunteers with struggling readers. 

John and Priscilla’s love and appreciation for education and travel began at Northeastern, which is why they continue to generously support the mission and continued growth of this university. While they have visited more than 70 countries and have met people from all over the globe, Northeastern will always hold a special place in their hearts no matter how far they travel. 

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Read Len's Story

Len Lewis, BS’60, MS ’70

I was very grateful when Northeastern sent me the acceptance letter because I was not the highest achiever in high school. And my first few terms reflected my inability to study properly. That may have been, in part, because I entered college at age 16—and was the youngest graduate among 2,000 students at my graduation ceremony in 1960.

Fortunately, going into the military and then working for a few years in industry, I had the credentials—thanks to co-op—to land a prestigious job with IBM in New York, where my career lasted 43 years. In 1980, I became an alumni recruiter for Northeastern, hosting the university table at many college fairs in Westchester County, NY, and at local high schools for more than 27 years. That was most rewarding, although I think some of the students’ parents were more excited about Northeastern than the high school seniors.

Annual donations to Northeastern have been a top priority for over 50 years. The university gave me my start, and I’ve been proud to support it ever since.


50+ Consecutive Year Donors

George Adams, E’57
Richard Amato, S’65

Nancy Benjamin, S’49
Dennis Christo, SSH’65
James Clavert, SSH’65
Richard Flint, S’54
Joseph Galvin, SSH’59
Leland Howard, E’65
Leonard Lewis, S’60
Jacob Pilibosian, DMSB’57
Donald Raney, E’60
Barry Shanler, E’62
Anthony Siegel, E’61
Alfred Stewart, E’59
Hugh Walsh, E’50



Thank you, seniors! Those of you who participated in our vital Senior Legacy program truly made a difference. And a special thanks to all our hardworking Senior Legacy Committee members. We couldn’t have done it without you.


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Your generous support allows Northeastern to direct resources to vital needs as they emerge—from experiential learning to competitive and club sports, from student aid to research. Your backing helps more students learn to think critically, work together, and discover their potential.

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Read Gillian's Story

Gillian Butler, BHS’08

I remember when I came to Northeastern while touring colleges. I sat on one of the benches on campus and felt like it was where I wanted to go. Once I got here as a student, I liked the diversity and campus atmosphere—and I loved exploring the city while not in class.

The people on campus who had the most impact on me during my time as a student were my residents. I spent three years as a resident assistant on campus, helping my residents in all areas of their lives while they were getting through their first year of college.

Another person who made a difference in my life as a student was my co-op advisor. She helped me explore jobs outside of my nursing field, which made me realize how capable I was in many different things. Co-op gave me the opportunity to really explore the profession I was going into so there were no surprises. It’s a worthwhile experience because co-op opens doors for jobs, which is vital when you graduate.

I’m currently an operating room nurse, and I give back to Northeastern. It’s important to me to give students who otherwise couldn’t afford to go to Northeastern the opportunity to have the experience I had.

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Read Kathryn's Story

Kathryn Kerr, AMD’19

I love that Northeastern’s co-op program helped me figure out what want I wanted to do. I switched majors from biology to experience design because of it. If it weren’t for the support of generous donors, I wouldn’t get to experience all that I have on campus.

I enjoy how Northeastern updates its technology everywhere on campus. And I love that the university is always improving its spaces: the renovations to the main space in the Curry Student Center, the technology in the 3D Printing Studio in Snell Library, and especially the new makerspace in Ryder Hall.

In addition to my coursework, I’m involved in the Makers Club on campus, which is dedicated to connecting students with the resources that help them create. We host workshops, Maker Nights, and field trips, as well as foster formal relationships with the makerspaces on campus.

Northeastern has opened so many doors for me through the co-op program, the technology I can access, and the location. It makes so many things possible that wouldn’t happen other places. When I graduate, I want to make art and connect with people in unexpected ways, and I also want to show people the accessibility of digital fabrication and the endless possibilities for using it.

I’m so grateful to the donors who helped make this experience possible for me.



Northeastern believes that talented students’ financial circumstances should not be a barrier to achieving their academic goals. Gifts to financial aid allow the university to offer opportunity to tomorrow’s thinkers, creators, and leaders.

donors supported financial aid

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Read Fivos's Story

Fivos Kanellis, DMSB’12

Now that I am a Northeastern alum, I love going to alumni events and Northeastern fundraising events. I think Northeastern does a great job of keeping us engaged and continually helping alumni by providing us with resources.

I continue to support Northeastern because I believe in Northeastern. This institution has an impact on people across the globe, and served as a pathway that helped me to both live and start my career in the United States. Each dollar I donate matters, the way it mattered to me when I was a student seeking scholarship.

When I first came to Northeastern in 2008, my family was impacted by the devastating crisis in the Greek economy, making it harder for us to support full time tuition. During my last year in college, I received a scholarship that made the difference for me to graduate in time and start my career. This situation encouraged me to become a donor, starting with a small amount each month, and gradually adding more over the years.

I hope I will be in the position to make more of an impact on Northeastern in the future, just as it did for me.

I’m grateful because…

Read Latonya's Story

Latonya Beverly, E’22

I was fortunate enough to be recruited to attend Northeastern through the S-POWER (Student Pathways Opening World Energy Resources) program. This program offers underrepresented minority students from Historically Black Colleges/Universities (HBCU) the opportunity to join the Husky family with a focus on engineering and energy.

The students and faculty at Northeastern have had a great impact on me. Coming from an HBCU, I had not been able to learn and engage with people who are from so many different places. I’ve learned so much about the world from my network here and am learning to appreciate how much people of different backgrounds can gain from getting to know each other.

I love that at Northeastern opportunity seems endless and support is found everywhere. Northeastern is “student-centered” in every aspect, from the classroom and residence life to financial aid and administration. I feel that every concern is addressed, and no one is left without their needs taken care of. 

This community is unlike anything I’ve ever been exposed to, and I just feel extremely blessed and thankful to be here among so many great people. Choosing Northeastern has been one of the most rewarding decisions I have ever made, and if it weren’t for the generosity of university donors I would never have had this amazing opportunity. I will always be grateful for those who choose to support Northeastern and all it has to offer. 



When you give to a school or college, your assistance strengthens academic programming, student opportunities, and innovative initiatives. Your gift makes an important impact on students, faculty, and staff within that particular community.

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Read Jason's Story

Jason Caminiti, CIS’02

Growing up, I had ADD, and was therefore always an academically poor student. Northeastern gave me a chance to join the College of Computer and Information Science after a year of its General Studies program. This allowed me to excel in the subjects I enjoyed by helping me shore up areas missing in my education. As a result, I left Northeastern a much more cultured and educated person. 

Since graduation, I have been working in the web and software field, and in 2008, I made a documentary film called Pawtucket Rising about revitalizing a city using the arts. I have also run for office and been a part of many nonprofit boards. I believe Northeastern played a large part in my varied interests over the years, but my love for computer science stands out among them.

I support Northeastern University Women in Technology (NUWIT) because there are far too few women working in STEM fields. NUWIT hosts tech talks, community events, and networking with business leaders from around the Boston area. I feel that this is an excellent group that helps bring women together to discuss their similar passion for technology and computing.

I’m grateful because…

Read Clint's Story

 Clint Corso, SSH’20

The first time I ever stepped foot on campus, I felt the electricity of Northeastern. Every single person I talked to was helpful and enthusiastic. As the coordinator described co-op opportunities to me in depth, I knew I had found my university.

I saw Northeastern as being the best place for me to fulfill my dream of joining a federal agency because of the co-op program. And I am fortunate to have come across many faculty members here in the College of Social Sciences and Humanities who have had an enormous impact on my success. I have built a rapport with many of my professors and received personal recommendations that have helped me on my career path to becoming a federal agent.

There are so many things that I love about Northeastern, including the amazing professors whom I have had the fortune to get to know over the years and the helpful staff in the financial aid department, who have assisted me in so many ways. I am forever grateful to both for giving me a chance to succeed. I would truly recommend Northeastern as a school where you make lasting memories and advance your skill set so you are prepared for life after graduation.





Northeastern’s cooperative education program began more than 100 years ago, and remains a powerful learning model that integrates classroom learning with real-world experiences. Co-op is not just about getting a job, but rather it is an approach to intellectual and professional growth and career success that demands continual learning and integration.  When our students graduate, they are prepared to apply knowledge and skills in new, authentic contexts and continue to learn in a work-based environment. Gifts to co-op help support stipends for students in non-paying or low-paying co-op positions.

donors supported co-op

co-op placements in 136 countries in 2016-2017


of employed 2016 graduates are doing work related to their major


of 2016 graduates received a job offer from a previous co-op employer

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Read Sean's Story

Sean Kiley, AMD’13

I started college right after the financial collapse, so I wanted a school that I knew would drive results for me immediately post-graduation. Undoubtedly, the co-op program is one of the best, most impactful things about Northeastern. So once I was accepted, it was a no-brainer to attend.

The co-op program class for me was eye-opening, especially the scope of preparation the university arms its students with before they begin co-op. From having a well-thought out resume that highlights our experiences and skillset, to learning best practices for interviews, this truly was one of the most significant parts of my undergraduate experience.

And without my co-op experiences, I certainly would not have the career I have today. Since graduation, I have worked in my desired field and am now managing a regional sales territory in Connecticut for Constellation Brands. My passion for the beverage industry began at Northeastern while I was on co-op at Burke Distributing Corporation ,and translated into relationships and networking connections that helped me build my career in a very niche market.

Northeastern has had a profound impact on my personal life as well as my career. Giving back is my way of paying it forward, supporting all the fantastic opportunities and experiences that I was fortunate enough to have as an undergrad. Simply put, I would not be where I am today without Northeastern.

I’m grateful because…

Read Natalia's Story

Natalia Hadaway, S’21

I chose Northeastern because of its international co-op and other financial help options. I knew with the support I was given, I could focus on my academic career and my other goals, without worrying about my financial security. 

I have made so many great connections at Northeastern. I greatly appreciate the guidance from everyone I’ve met, whether it was a passionate professor, students on campus, or my friends who help me grow as a person. 

My fondest Northeastern memory is the co-op I did in Europe. This co-op experience taught me that I can be more independent than I ever thought possible. I was also able to meet people from all backgrounds and experience life in a new city, all while learning more about my major and what I want to do after graduation. Northeastern is one of the only schools that fully supports you in the co-op process, and even encourages you to go internationally to have the best possible experience. I am grateful for my co-op opportunity and I cannot wait to see what’s next.



Northeastern is dedicated to supporting excellence in athletics, academics, and community. When you invest in your favorite team, you empower our student-athletes to dream big and enable our programs to surpass our goals. 

donors gave to athletics

athletes compete on 16 varsity teams—and all benefit from donor support

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Read Meghan's Story

Meghan Kehoe, BHS’15

I chose to attend Northeastern because I really loved the idea of the co-op program, as well as the six-year doctoral program in physical therapy. Both seemed to be geared toward my goals to become a physical therapist. 

Northeastern has a small community feel despite being surrounded by so many people—not only with the population size, but the location within Boston. Being a part of the athletic and physical therapy communities was an incredible experience for me within this big school, because it made me feel that much closer to my fellow Huskies. I was on the Varsity Volleyball team at Northeastern, and being a part of that team was, without a doubt, the most meaningful part of my Northeastern career. Participating in such a competitive and supportive environment was unforgettable. 

Because of the skills I learned and the passions I fostered at this university, I now work as a physical therapist in Seattle and coach club volleyball as an homage to my school career. I give to Northeastern because it was my home for five years and prepared me so much for my present and future. I want to help in any way I can to make all the opportunities I had accessible to future generations. 


I’m grateful because…

Read Grayson's Story

Grayson Steigler, DMSB’20

I originally found out about Northeastern while I was in high school from their high placement at the Intercollegiate Rowing Association’s national championship. I was immediately drawn in by the reputable and historic rowing program. After learning more about the academic side of the university, the co-op program is what really set Northeastern apart. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to study coming into college, so having the co-op program to explore different fields seemed like an amazing opportunity. Also, having the chance to make a positive impact on a top ten Division I rowing team was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up.

The community that is Northeastern Men’s Rowing has, hands down, had the biggest impact on me in college so far. I look forward going to training with my closest friends every day and working to make each other better. Through thick and thin, every member of the team has the other’s back, which builds a level of trust is hard to come by.

Being a part of Northeastern Men’s Rowing has taught me more than just how to be competitive athlete. A staple of the coaching staff is wanting their athletes to be successful on and off the water, in whatever they choose to pursue. The coaching staff drives positive cultural values throughout the team and it’s our job to enforce them within. Having coaches driven by so much passion for the sport and desire to see us succeed, along with a group of motivated athletes that are all driving towards a common goal is something amazing, and I am lucky to be a part of it.   



Northeastern’s second annual Giving Day was unforgettable! The support we received from alumni, family, students, faculty, staff, and friends has made so much possible, and for that, we truly thank you.

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