May 6, 2022

Revisit the 2020
Networked for Life Celebration 

When we cannot all join together in person, our human connections matter more than ever. That’s why your participation in today’s Networked for Life program is so immensely important.

As an essential partner in building Northeastern’s future, you play a vital role in shaping our vision of experiential learning and discovery. Your engagement energizes and informs our efforts to expand our global university system, forge pioneering partnerships, and equip new generations to be the leaders and creators of a healthier, safer, and more sustainable tomorrow.

Today, you join some of our community’s most accomplished members in advancing our global mission and strengthening the human connections that power everything we do. Thank you for your invaluable work, your input, and your leadership. And welcome to Northeastern’s third annual Networked for Life celebrations!

– President Joseph E. Aoun

Meet and Congratulate the 2020 Award Recipients

Read Dr. Barnett's Citation

The Late Dr. Lou Barnett, B’44, Hon.’77

Northeastern University Pioneer Award

Read Barbara's Citation

Barbara Alleyne, LA’70

Northeastern University Distinguished Service Award

Read Joseph's Citation

Joseph Fleming, Jr., PAH’70, MS’71

Northeastern University Distinguished Service Award

Read Katherine's Citation

Katherine Pendergast, MEd’73

Northeastern University Distinguished Service Award

Read Binja's Citation

Binja Basimike, BHS’12, MPH’14

Northeastern University Emerging Leaders Award

Read Chuanwei's Citation

Chuanwei Zhuo, ME’09, PhD’14

Northeastern University Emerging Leader Award

About our Annual Awards

The Northeastern University Pioneer Award

The Northeastern University Pioneer Award is given to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the greater community and who are pioneers in their own right. The award recognizes university citizens who make a deep and lasting impact through their support of Northeastern, the depth and breadth of their engagement across the university, and for spearheading work in their personal and professional lives that create opportunities that otherwise may not have been attainable for those who follow.

Past Recipients:


Carole Shapazian, S’66, PNT’08

James L. Waters H’93


H. Patricia Hanna, UC’74, H’98

The Northeastern University Distinguished Service Award

The Northeastern University Service Award recognizes individuals who have performed notable service to the university and its community. The award is given on the basis of distinguished service, meritorious achievement, and meaningful contributions in promoting the mission of Northeastern University.

Past Recipients:


Eugene Reppucci, E’60, MEd’65, H’95 & Corinne Reppucci, LA’64, MEd’71

Gary Dunton, DMSB’78, PNT’15 & Lea Anne Dunton, PNT’15

Janet Shoemaker Swanson, BHS’74


Lawrence A. O’Rourke, DMSB’65

Susan B. Welch, PNT’16 

Joseph M. Lillis, AS’93

The Northeastern University Emerging Leaders Award


The Northeastern University Emerging Leaders Award is presented to recent graduates who have demonstrated early, sustained commitment in furthering the university’s mission. The award recognizes next-generation leaders who exhibit the potential for continued service in advancing our students and faculty, expanding our global network, and deepening our impact worldwide. 

Past Recipient: 


Mohammad Al Wazzan Esq., SSH’16, L’16 

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