Women Who Empower Mentoring Program

Northeastern University’s Women Who Empower program is grounded in the belief that there is tremendous importance and impact in sharing our stories and creating connections with others. Our Women Who Empower Mentoring Program offers inspiration, engagement, and learning opportunities to our students by fostering meaningful connections with accomplished members of the community around the globe.




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Mentors are:

Faculty and staff
Friends of Northeastern


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Hong Kong



Saudi Arabia

Sri Lanka


United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom

United States



The Women Who Empower Mentoring Program was an unforgettable experience. My mentor welcomed me into her home and mind. She taught me the tricks of the trade, which came along with wonderful stories about her career and life. We both learned so much from each other. I especially enjoyed and appreciated all the opportunities she gave me to connect and learn from other people in her network. The program provided me with a safe space to ask and learn.
Rannd Muhanna


The Women Who Empower Mentoring Program was a tremendous opportunity for me to learn from my mentor, an inspiring female leader, and gain better clarity on my own career goals, passions, and interests. As a freshman, I am very grateful to have a mentor early on in my college experience. This program underscores the power of mentorship, women empowering other women, and having role models to look up to.
Miracle Olatunji


I have so enjoyed meeting my mentee. She is a breath of fresh air who reminds me why I work in higher education.

If you have a chance, please consider becoming a mentor.

Lesley T. Pratt

Mentor, Northeastern University

“I have greatly enjoyed my participation in the Women Who Empower Mentorship Program, and the chance to work with an impressive young woman who shares a passion for the global issues around which I have built my career. I congratulate Northeastern for creating a program that recognizes the power of mentorships in providing support for up-and-coming leaders, as well as two-way inspiration.
Leslie Griffin

Mentor, UPS