f(x) foods

Sophie Gechijian, SSH’16

It’s 2018, and Sophie couldn’t find a good nutrition bar on the shelf that met her requirements.

1. Functional 2. Tasty 3. Healthy. Working a full-time job in finance, she and her peers were in need of a mid-day snack to fuel their brains, taste good, and be healthy simultaneously.

During her nights and weekends, Sophie began researching and experimenting with ingredients, bringing in samples of her latest granola bar recipes to work for her fellow coworkers to critique each day. After months of trial and error, her first product, brain food, was born.

Sophie is a Boston native and a graduate of Northeastern University with a degree in math & economics. In her few free hours a week, you can find Sophie on the tennis court, on the beaches of Cape Cod, & eating her way through the Boston neighborhoods with friends and family.

f(x) foods is a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise.