Mango & Marigold Press

Sailaja Joshi, DMSB’06, SSH’18

With the impending birth of her oldest child, founder Sailaja Joshi searched for books about her Indian culture. Upon reading the few stories that existed, Sailaja realized that many of them were inappropriate or worse, insensitive.

Sailaja knew the power of representation and set out to change home libraries. We began with releasing Hanuman and the Orange Sun. And we saw the magic of kids seeing themselves firsthand. So we looked into the state of diverse books some more and learned a few things …

There are five times as many books about trucks and twice as many books about bunnies than there are about any children of color.

When you buy a Mango & Marigold Press book you ensure that every child sees themselves as the hero of their story. When children see themselves in the ordinary and extraordinary, they realize that anything is possible.