People Get READy

Delores and Lauren

People Get Ready’s Co-founders met through shared concerns about public education. They connected around common values, and quickly discovered common passions, too. Their friendship blossomed and took them on a journey through books and poems and even, by chance, to a poetry conference by the sea. They encountered so many signs indicating that they were meant to collaborate on this project. Neighbors wrote inspirational books. Friends, confidants, and poets cheered them on. Partners picked out an empty storefront and encouraged them to take risks. And now, here they are…

Delores is a native of New Haven and a mother of two children attending New Haven Public Schools. She has a background in Organizational Development and Training and is a licensed real estate agent in NY and CT. She is an advocate for early intervention, eldercare, and childhood grief and trauma support as well as a lover of poems and affirmations.

Lauren, lifelong bookstore and library lover, is excited to help steward a local space grounded in community, literacy, and radical love. She’s a reader, writer, professor, and researcher with a masters degree in Early Childhood & Elementary Education and a PhD in Urban Schooling. She is an advocate for public schools and the public good.

Things L & D agree on: the brilliance of children; the wisdom of elders; the public in public education; the power of poetry; the importance of knowing our histories; the right of all people to well-being; the sense of belonging that intergenerational interaction provides folks of all ages; and the peace that comes from taking care of one another’s bodies, hearts, and minds.