The Wiress

Emily Herrera, AMD’22

I explore how womxn around the world use, define, and change technology.

I am on the quest to find the newest & shiniest products and services open to womxnkind. And, of course, it doesn’t hurt to see some big WINS along the way!

We see email as the direct-to-consumer content digest. No more fighting against those pesky algorithms! 🦾

Is email sexy? No. What is? The womxn’s modern experience in tech. From start(up) and beyond.

Better yet – We believe so much in what we’re doing, we see Wiress as a platform to invest your social capital. Interested in becoming an investor?

Become a V-Scout. Learn how to scout, seal and nurture your social deals.

The Wiress mission is to empower womxn as consumers, designers, funders, and lovers of the lifestyles and brands around “technology.”