Fueled by unprecedented momentum, Northeastern University has ascended to new heights in its academic vigor, novel research, and unique experiential learning model. The mission of the Office of University Advancement is to continue to elevate students, faculty, and innovation by driving strategic philanthropic initiatives around each key sector at Northeastern. Advancement also partners with the university president, the Board of Trustees, and others in leadership roles to determine the direction of the university and how to fund its goals.

Since the conclusion of its historic campaign, Empower, in 2017, Northeastern is enjoying the tremendous impact of gifts made to 2,164 distinct funds by more than 100,000 alumni, students, faculty, staff, parents, and friends. Donors from more than 114 total countries helped the university blow past its original goal to raise a total of $1.4 billion—half in private philanthropy, half in government and industry support—for students, faculty, and research.



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