At Northeastern, endowed funds are vital to ensuring the university’s distinctiveness and permanence. This stable funding empowers us to surmount the challenges of today and the future, and enables our colleges and schools to deepen their ability to innovate—and ultimately, strengthen their impact on our students, our faculty, and our world.

Endowments assure, for generations to come, that talented students can pursue a first-class education and life-changing experiential opportunities. They serve as essential recruiting tools, growing the university’s population of renowned Northeastern faculty who are teachers, researchers, mentors, and game changers. And they are powerful vehicles for foresighted donors who understand the importance of supporting a meaningful endeavor in perpetuity—and who want to give it the benefit of their philanthropy.

You may endow the scholarship, academic initiative, or research direction most meaningful to you. Endowments can be named after the donor—or in honor or memory of a loved one—and be funded now through an outright donation, or in the future through a multi-year commitment, bequest, or life income gift.

To learn more about establishing an endowment, contact:

Luanne Kirwin
Vice President of Development
[email protected]

Faculty Support

Endowed professorships are the cornerstone of any university, honoring remarkable and dedicated faculty who are blazing new trails in their areas of expertise. Because professorships are so highly prized within higher education, they are a powerful tool for recruitment and retention. At Northeastern, we know that great teachers attract and inspire great students. Thus, investing in an endowed professorship will also help yield the next generation of young leaders—the people who will infuse our world with their experiences, innovative ideas, and entrepreneurial thinking.

Awarding an endowed professorship is the highest recognition Northeastern can bestow on a faculty member. By supporting salaries, benefits, and research expenses, donors who create and back these positions are recognizing outstanding scholars at all stages of their careers.

Undergraduate Scholarships

Our university is a magnet for the most gifted students in the United States and around the world. We strive to keep a Northeastern education affordable for all students, and scholarships and financial aid are a top priority. Endowment support ensures that deserving, ambitious undergraduates have access to opportunity, and this permanent stream of funding facilitates transformative academic and experiential pursuits.

You may fund an endowed scholarship through any gift vehicle, including outright gifts (cash, securities, and real estate) and planned giving instruments. Consider establishing a scholarship to forever tie your name to our exceptional students, or supporting an existing initiative such as the Torch Scholars Program.

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Graduate Fellowships

Fellowships help Northeastern recruit and retain the best graduate students, who are the engines of university-based research. Endowed fellowships attract graduate students in established and emerging disciplines, and this direct aid enables these students to conduct their research or studies without needing to raise extra income, repay loans, or assume overwhelming debt.

By endowing a fellowship, you will give Northeastern’s graduate students the freedom to pursue an innovative education and interdisciplinary investigation. Funds may be used toward tuition, stipends, or materials, allowing fellows to devote themselves full time to their work. A fellowship provides income year after year—even when economic and political fluctuations affect other revenue sources.


Northeastern has a distinguished history of focusing on applied research, translational research, and the intersection of the two. To keep investigation and knowledge creation flourishing at the university, we must continue building on our existing areas of strength—from drug discovery to urban health policy, from resilience to renewable energy.

You can help power investigation and discovery at Northeastern by funding priorities such as research that may lead to federal grants; new degree programs in emerging disciplines; modern education-delivery technology so students can learn onsite and online; and upgrading facilities and equipment.

Academic Programs

Northeastern is constantly strengthening and expanding our academic offerings to provide the education our students desire. Our ongoing evolution is central to delivering distinctive undergraduate and graduate programs that nurture student success in our ever-changing world. Endowments propel curriculum enhancement and amplify global experiential education opportunities. These funds allow Northeastern to host lectureships, workshops, and seminars; fuel conference travel, presentations, and special projects; and disseminate research findings through publications, seminars, conferences, and programs.

You may make a gift to help sustain and develop novel, rigorous academic programs that integrate classroom studies with experiential learning opportunities—anchored by our signature co-op program. Your support will further teaching and promote student learning, and may be directed to an array of academic programs within our nine schools and colleges.

Capital Improvements

The spaces in which our students, faculty, and staff study, explore, and collaborate profoundly influence their day-to-day activities—and their ability to not only achieve excellence, but to tackle today’s most pressing challenges. To do their best work and achieve their goals, they require classrooms, labs, meeting spaces, and other areas that foster cross-disciplinary communication and partnership.

You may support capital projects and facility improvements that not only enrich student life, but strengthen the research and teaching capabilities of Northeastern’s faculty. As technology rapidly evolves, resources to modernize spaces and fund new equipment will further the university’s commitment to global engagement and our leadership in use-inspired research.