Getting There & Staying There

Priscilla H. Douglas

You have just been tapped on the shoulder, your hard work has paid off—it’s time to celebrate getting there and quickly adjust to new expectations. Now comes the challenge: staying there! Now is when you learn that the skills that got you there—to a level in your career—are different from the ones you need to stay there. Priscilla Douglas has been there, as an executive herself and as a leadership coach to C-suite executives in a broad range of industries. In this book she shares her unique approach to accelerating your career progress, using a model based on agility. It takes agility to see opportunities and move into them, then stay there and move forward every day towards ever-higher objectives. Like athletes, agile executives recognize what is going on, they adjust their thinking, they align themselves with the situation, then they act. Getting There and Staying There is built around questions. As you read, you will ask yourself questions and discover the answers that work for you at this time in your career. You can revisit these questions at another time and the answers might be different. The important thing is to keep asking the questions. Getting There and Staying There is your take-anywhere “coach in your briefcase.” Use it on an airplane or a weekend afternoon—anytime you have an hour or two to devote to improving your performance, your relationships, and your capacity to lead. Each chapter is a mini session with one of the country’s best leadership coaches. Priscilla Douglas doesn’t give you the answers. She asks you the hard questions, provides true-story examples, and helps you find your own answers—the ones that are unique to you and your situation.