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Sarah Marshall

Sarah Marshall grew up learning how to cook with her mom when she was just a kid. She continued that love of cooking (and cookbooks. and wine!) throughout college and beyond. After graduation, she landed a job at the legendary Boston Eatery, L’Espalier.

As part of that world-renowned team, Sarah learned to pair her homegrown senses of flavor and warmth with a refined appreciation of taste, hospitality and mise en place.

Her education continued through other great establishments in Boston & Cambridge: Central Bottle, BRIX, The Butcher Shop, Stir, The Boston Harbor Hotel and as wine director for both Oleana and Sarma. Each was great in its own way. And each was an opportunity for Sarah to learn more about wine. She is also a graduate of BU’s Elizabeth Bishop Wine Program and a certified Sommelier through The Court of Masters of Sommeliers.