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Navigating a Purposeful Path

As a child, Dr. Lauren Speeth’s family moved from New York to New Delhi, where her parents co-founded a school for Dalits, people who occupy the lowest echelon of Indian society. “That experience opened my eyes to poverty, inequality, neglected diseases, and illiteracy,” says Speeth. It also propelled her to lead a purposeful life. Today, she’s supporting Northeastern students as they become environmental advocates, researchers, and leaders.

Northeastern to Host 2023 Global Leadership Summit in Accra, Ghana

Northeastern will host its fourth annual Global Leadership Summit in Accra, Ghana, from Wednesday, March 8, to Saturday, March 11. The summit will provide networking and learning opportunities, foster understanding of Ghana’s historical sites and events and their global effect, and offer ways to create collective action and invest in the local community.

Paying it Forward, One Generation at a Time

During the late 1800s and early 1900s, thousands of Native American children were wrested from their tribes by the U.S. government and sent to boarding schools as a method of forced assimilation. Six-year-old Charles Belgarde was one of them.

Samuel Altschuler, MBA’58, Looks Back on 60 Years as a Husky Alumnus

Northeastern has been a very important part of Sam and Nancy Jo Altschuler’s lives. Sixty years ago, Sam received his MBA degree with Nancy Jo at his side. Two months later they were engaged, one month later they bought a new home, and on November 15, 1958, they were married. What a great year!